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The 10th Annual Winnie Whittaker Memorial Lecture

What is the future of arbitration in the Hong Kong construction industry?

A Slide Presentation by Michael Charlton, first presented on the 30th of June 2015.

Download it Here.


About the author
Michael Charlton
Author: Michael Charlton

Michael has specialised in providing contractual advice for 34 years in the Asia Pacific region. He first came to Hong Kong in 1985 when he established the business for a major contracts consultancy group and from there developed their businesses throughout Asia and Australia. He became Joint CEO with the group which was listed in the UK, before leaving in 2004 to establish his own company. Michael Charlton & Company Limited was established in 2005 and subsequently the Charlton Martin Group formed in 2007. Michael is Chairman of the Charlton Martin Group, which also has offices in Malaysia and Singapore. He has acted as lay advocate, representing parties in mediation and arbitration, he has been appointed as arbitrator, and provided contractual advice to the industry. Michael has been appointed as quantum expert and has given evidence at numerous arbitrations and litigations. Michael has been a regular lecturer at seminars and has organised and presented in excess of 500 seminars in the region.

“Logo IconThe Charlton Martin Group provides construction contract consultancy services to the construction, engineering, power, process, petrochemical, oil and gas industries worldwide, dealing specifically with the many disputes and varied problems, which frequently arise.

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